Coping with Suicidal Thoughts

My interest in suicide prevention rose out of my own struggles with suicide and the suicides of people close to me. I realized that there were very few books or websites that spoke directly to the agony of the suicidal person, so I decided to create one. In the process, I learned that people become suicidal when they are experiencing extreme pain that seems unbearable. Whatever the source of their pain, the person may feel overwhelmed and no longer able to cope. As a result, they may see suicide as the only way to end their pain.

The resources below offer other options that will allow a person to survive their suicidal crisis.

Overcoming Suicidal Pain Website

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, this website is designed to give you the hope that you can recover and offer you the tools and coping strategies that will make it possible. If you can hold on, keep moving forward, and reach out for help, you will experience renewed hope and begin to feel that life is worth living again.

YouTube Suicide Prevention Playlist

This playlist consists of a number of YouTube videos I created to help people cope with their suicidal thoughts and overcome their suicidal pain.

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